Monday, October 24, 2016

Discovering pests living within your home is unnerving and frustrating. The process of locating, identifying, and carefully removing them is often challenging and time consuming. Our professional team at exterminators provides swift, thorough, and affordable pest control service throughout the following regions: Seattle,Tacoma,Bellevue,Everett,Redmond,Renton,Issaquah,kent,kirkland,Mercer island,Medina,woodinville,bothell,Richmond beach

Rats are a nuisance species for many reasons. The first complaint that most people have is due to the noise they cause scurrying about and scratching inside the home. Many people don't call to have their rat problem solved until the rats break into the home proper and start to chew on and contaminate

Rodents, mice and rats are problematic inside of any structure. While rodent issues will generally be more pervasive in areas where construction may be older and sanitation may not be ideal, rodents can infest any building. Recognition of a mouse or rat problem

rodents, rats, mice Rodents – Rats & Mice. Cascade Pest Control specializes in rodent control, extermination, removal & elimination. Here in the northwest rodent problems are predominantly the Norway Rat

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