Friday, October 21, 2016

Rats control - Exterminators

If you have a rat or mouse infestation in your home, shed or barn, you are likely scrambling for a way to control the problem. You could get a cat, but there is no guarantee that the cat would actually be a mouser, and you may not want to expose a household pet to the risks that come with chasing mice and rats.98102. Published by Ampm Exterminators. #how to control rats in a commercial business building #control roof rats #mice control #seattle rats

But when the property owner is a developer who is sitting on a vacant property, rat problems can become quite significant. Especially when you consider the fact that Seattle is in the middle of a construction boom with many vacant properties awaiting demolition.

 Rats are a nuisance species for many reasons. The first complaint that most people have is due to the noise they cause scurrying about and scratching inside the home. Many people don't call to have their rat problem solved until the rats break into the home proper and start to chew on and contaminate 

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