Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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Norway Rats in Seattle and the Surrounding Metro Area. Rats are filthy and dangerous. They carry disease, ruin food, damage buildings, and start fires by gnawing on electrical wiring. Norway rats inSeattle, West Seattle, Burien, Kent, Des Moines, Bellevue and Renton and the surrounding metro area are a serious problem

DIY pest control with products such as boric acid, ant traps, “roach motels”, or any number of commercially available sprays like Raid, Black Flag, or Ortho. Some of these can be effective when the pests are first noticed, such as when you first spot a small hornet’s nest. In other cases, such as combatting ant or roach infestations, all they can do is hold the line. They don’t take the battle back to the pests’ lairs. The average cost to hire an insect control service averages between $209 and $378 depending on the problem. Hiring a professional is the best way to rid your home of pests, not just convince them to stay out of your sight. If you are concerned about the cost of calling in a pro to take care of your pest problem, here are a few things to consider. Some insects are wood-boring. They can damage your house’s structure and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repair, or can make your home structurally unlivable.

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